I'm an overweight guy with type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and I'm currently taking 4 medications just to manage my high blood pressure.

For the last few weeks, I've been in research mode to find a solution to naturally reverse the chronic illnesses I've been diagnosed with, while also curing my body from the damage caused by my poor eating habits.

After watching my dad die and suffer in pain from pancreatic cancer, I've decided to take charge of my health to ensure I'm around to raise and see what my kids become.

I've got too much invested in them, and I'd like to be around to see my return, lol.


I got an easy answer for that ... One day I was lying in bed and my feet started to itch really, really bad.

Not a normal itch ... This thing didn't stop for like 30-45 minutes. It felt like a thousand red fire ants stinging my feet all at the same time.

Nothing I did stopped it.

After about 45 minutes of non-stop misery, it finally stopped. I quickly looked online to see what it was and all answers pointed towards diabetes.

I thought to myself ... "If I have to live like this for the rest of my life, just take my dam foot off..."

Yes. That's how bad it was; and that's exactly what others preferred when I found others complaining about the same thing happening to them online.

It was unbearable.

I went and got one of those at-home A1C test kits and my A1C came back at 13.

That's extremely high. I immediately changed my diet in an effort to get my numbers down. I went the keto route and that got it down very quickly, but after a while, I just couldn't adjust to the diet and stick to it.

But it brought my numbers down enough and I later switched over to a starch based diet. That worked decent enough but still wasn't satisfied with the results.

My numbers actually went back up from when I got it low on the keto diet.

I've recently switched to a whole food, plant based regiment and I feel sooo much better and satiated. I feel like my insides are regenerating itself when I eat plant based foods.

Since I've started, I've lost 10 pounds and my blood sugar levels are starting to go down. I'm able to better concentrate and not get fatigued.


Over the next 30-days, why don't you go on a whole food, plant based journey with me to heal your mind, body and soul of any chronic illnesses or sickness.

As I go through the research and break it all down, I'll share it with you in simple to understand terms. It's my goal to educate others about the benefits of a healthy eating regiment on plant based food to naturally heal the body.


Cartess Ross