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Finally … Amazon Slashes Prices at Whole Foods Market– Cuts That Actually Makes a Difference

For nearly a year I kept hearing how Amazon was going to slash prices ... But after each visit to the market, I was always disappointed.

Then they announced Prime Members would enjoy additional discounts.

So I happily downloaded the Whole Foods Market app and anxiously proceeded to the market to only save a whopping .15 cents. To date, the most I've ever saved with that app was .70 cents

So imagine my shock when I walked into Whole Foods Market and saw all of these orange signs highlighting new permanent pricing for produce I regularly buy...

A bunch of other websites and blogs are suggesting the price cuts are minimal ... But that's not what I saw.

95% of the stuff I buy from Whole Foods consist of fruits and vegetables. The other none produce related stuff consist of nuts, seeds, almond butter, whole grains, and the occasional Zevia drink.

So the big price cuts I saw were in the produce section ...

Which in my opinion, is the only stuff we should really be consuming if our goal is to reduce obesity and reverse chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other food related illnesses.

I still have a ways to go in getting rid of my cravings for the occasional cookie, Zevia drink, and diet cola, but I'm making good progress each week; and thats due in part to cheaper mango prices at Whole Foods Market, lol.

This Superfood Breakfast is Much Healthier and Filling Than McDonald’s ‘Fake Filler Foods’

I was reading an article recently about McDonald's attempt to remove preservatives and fake colors from their foods in an attempt to reach a more health-conscious audience.

For example, they're now saying all of their beef patties will be made from 100% beef ... This makes me wonder what they were using previously to pass off their burgers as cow's beef!

Take a look at the 2 pictures below:

The first one shows an order of a burger and french fries on day #1. Picture #2 shows the same burger and fries 5 years later:

*photos courtesy of Happy Meal Project.

If your food looks like this after 5 years, you really have to ask what's in it.

It's safe to assume that whatever is inside of that food is not safe for human consumption. Just imagine how hard your body has to work to process the mess inside of this meal.

I used to eat those McGriddle 'sammiches' with the hash browns every morning. As I reflect back on that, I'm disgusted at how I allowed myself to consume this bad food.

This stuff ain't real ... There's absolutely no nutritional value coming out of these meals. These companies do a wonderful job at marketing this mess to make us believe this food is real, healthy and consumable.

It's processed food with a bunch of harmful chemicals and additives designed to make our bodies crave it, while also making us sick with all types of illnesses and diseases.

The best type of meal to eat is a whole food, plant based meal... Making it yourself helps to ensure you know exactly what's in your food.

My morning oats, seeds, and fruits (see video below) give me the nutrients I need to nurture and heal my body. This is the type of stuff that turns your insides into a 'disease fighting and busting' machine.

I'm anxious to watch how the simple switch from a toxic processed meal will bring my blood sugar levels down, while eventually getting me off of my high blood pressure medicines.

What about you???

What type of ailments are you dealing with, and what are you doing to give your body a fighting chance to defeat these chronic illnesses and diseases?

Please share in the comments below.

Day 1: Weigh-In and Blood Glucose Check: It’s Time to Kick Diabetes & High Blood Pressure to the Curb

So today is the first day where I start this whole food, plant based lifestyle in an effort to reverse my type 2 diabetes, get off blood pressure medicine, and get my cholesterol level down to normal levels.

So here are my numbers for today:

Weight: 237.2 pounds
Blood Glucose: 206

As of today, I have not figured out a meal plan, but hope to get that resolved and sorted as I continue to move forward.

I didn’t want to make any more excuses to delay this, and figured I can correct course on the journey to ridding myself of these chronic diseases from toxic processed foods.

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